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Precision Denture Promotes Better Nutrition and Healthy Gums

Not only improve your self-confidence and level of comfort, but also feel the benefits of eating the healthful foods you need for good nutrition. Help keep your gums healthy – a benefit to your general well-being – by replacing your decayed or broken teeth with custom dentures. Precision Denture Clinic works for your oral health and a natural fit. Book a consultation with a denturist and learn what type of dentures best suits your needs.

How Long Does It Take to Make Dentures?

With the schedule of appointments set up by the team and yourself, and with no cancellations or rescheduling, you should have your dentures in 10-15 business days.There are always exceptions to this rule…if you are getting a cast metal partial denture; we send your impressions to an out-of-town lab. We must allow 10 business days for the return of your frame work. Shirley will coordinate with your schedule to make it as easy and convenient as possible to keep your appointments.

Custom-Fit Complex Dentures and Implant-Retained Dentures

For a more individualized fit, ask the professionals at Precision Denture Clinic about complex dentures. Complex dentures use a more accurate measuring procedure for a more stable denture.

Partial and Single-Tooth Dentures for Smaller Losses

If your dentist can’t save a single tooth or several teeth from dental trauma or tooth decay, you still can have a full set of teeth. Precision Denture Clinic helps you eat and smile naturally with a single tooth space filler called a flipper denture. Partial dentures solve the problems of a few missing teeth with healthy ones left around them. Precision Dental fits flexible metal or non-metal partial dentures. Are you allergic to metal? We have non-metal denture options too.

Do You React to Metals?
Need Better Denture Stability?
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