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Denture Services for Every Individual in the Wetaskiwin Area

Serving clients of all ages in Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas, Precision Denture Clinic offers denturist services that cover every phase from your decision to wear dentures to maintaining them. The Precision Denture denturists and staff treat you as an individual with friendly and prompt service to put you at ease. Our services include

● Consultation and measurements

● Fittings and adjustments

Emergency Denture Services and Same-Day Repairs

Precision Denture Clinic is prepared to treat our patients for regular services and in emergencies. Our in-house lab is connected to our clinic, which helps with turnaround times on all denture work. We keep your denture records and denture impressions on our premises to help you efficiently and quickly. Our denturists are prepared for timely responses to denture problems that cannot wait, including

● Emergency dentures – new fabrication or replacement teeth

● Immediate surgical dentures with instant treatment

● Same-day repairs

Mouth Guards for Sports

Do you or your child participate in soccer, ice hockey or football? You know protecting teeth from injury is as important as protecting any other part of your body. Precision Denture Clinic custom fits mouth guards for all types of sports and mouths.

Decorative Dental Touches

If you keep up with fashion trends, teeth become part of your image too. See how Precision Denture adds to your personal aesthetic with:

● Gold teeth for cosmetic uses

● Diamond tooth jewelry

Do You React to Metals?
Need Better Denture Stability?
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