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Painful Dentures? Implant Solutions for Patients in South Edmonton

Do you find chewing difficult? Does eating raw vegetables hurt your gums? Are your dentures loose, causing frequent soreness? Are your gums shrinking? You may be a candidate for implants.

Implants are basically artificial roots to which your denture is affixed, making chewing easy and comfortable again. Installed by a surgeon trained in implant procedures, 2-5 implants will serve as anchors for your prosthesis providing all the stability you will need. Sometimes, no matter how well your denture fits your gum, it will not stay in place.

One of the options available is the bar implant system.

A 4-implant bar in the lower jaw.

Note the clips in the lower denture that clip onto the bar.

Another option is the individual ball implant system.

4 individual ball implants

Corresponding ball clips

Still another option is the locator snap system.

Are you interested in our implant supported dentures? At Precision Denture Clinic, new clients are always welcome. All services are by appointment. Call us today.

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